Free Download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.4 2020

What is Microsoft Toolkit

There are many windows and office activators are available on the internet but most of them have the virus and many of them don’t work properly. When you activate your windows by using other activators there are most chances to have Trojans in it.

Some of them activate your windows for only a few months after that time period it will ask you again to activate it. It is a very annoying thing which everyone faces almost.

Microsoft Toolkit is the best activator to avoid damaging your computer and it will activate all the versions of windows from 10 to XP, It will activate your Microsoft product permanently you don’t need to activate it again and again after some time period.

This tool is also known as the EZ Activator which was later changed name to Microsoft Toolkit.  This works almost the same as the KMSPico it also creates a KMS Server in which this tool removes the original license of the Windows and replaces it to an auto-generated one.

I give you trial product but once you are satisfied and you have enough money, I highly recommend you to buy windows  product key to support the developers.

How to Use Microsoft Toolkit

Step 1: You are required to disable the anti-virus system TEMPORARILY.

Step 2: You open: Control Panel => System and Security => Change User Account Control Settings => Never notify

Change User Account Control Settings

Step 3: You download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.4 by click these links :

Step 4: You install and run the software you download.

With Windows you click icon Windows in this tool 

Free Download Microsoft Toolkit 1

Then, in the Activation tab, click ‘EZ-Activator’. Just in a few seconds, your copy will be activated.

Free Download Microsoft Toolkit 2

With Microsoft Office you click icon Office in this tool

Free Download Microsoft Toolkit 3

Then, in the Activation tab, click ‘EZ-Activator’. Just in a few seconds, your copy will be activated.

Free Download Microsoft Toolkit 2

Then you restart your pc.

You can watch this video to know how to use this tool :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading this many of you must be thinking something, maybe someone has doubts and some questions according to Microsoft Toolkit. So, in this section,

I have written some most frequently asked questions which everyone wants to ask or even searching for the answers on the internet.

Check this FAQs List below:

Q1) Is it safe to activate windows from Microsoft Toolkit?

Yes, of course, activating windows from Microsoft Toolkit is 100% safe and secure. I have mentioned this above you can check in the features section.

Q2) After activating Windows can I uninstall Microsoft Toolkit?

Sure, you can uninstall it right after activating your windows and office. It won’t deactivate your windows, So don’t worry about that.

Q3) When I install Microsoft Toolkit can I active my AntiVirus?

Yes, you can activate your Antivirus again after installing the Activator.

Q4) I have activated my windows but after few times I installed a new window, should I need to activate it again?

Of course, when you install a fresh window it deletes all your system files including keys that were used to activate it. After new windows installation, you must reactivate it by following the above process

Change in Microsoft Toolkit .v2.6.4

  • Added Label to show Microsoft Office Setup Version and Architecture on Customize Setup tab.
  • AutoKMS no longer attempts activation / displays error when there are no KMS keys installed.
  • Added more checks to Add Languages ​​and do better filtering of Language Packs.
  • Fixed Customize Setup failing if file extensions were not lowercase.
  • AutoKMS skips running if a BSOD occurred within 30 minutes of the last Scheduled Task run.
  • Scheduled Tasks now retain their last run date.
  • Updated TAP Driver.

If you want to install this tool in your pc , your pc has minimum requirements  :

– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher .

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