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The era that ‘Premium features are not free’ is now gone. With the development of technology and the availability of platforms tech companies usually try to give the best experience to its users. Since many developers around the world tend to publish their creations along with premium features, that has become the trend now. 

TopStore app for iOS

TopStore is a third party AppStore that can grant all those wishes. Being the latest alternative to other apps like TweakBox, AppValley, Tutu App, this has been able to get very high popularity within a few days. However, it is specially designed for iOS users, allowing them to experience all the Apple in-app premium features for free. This is a very important feature as normally apple in-app purchases are very expensive than other platforms. So having a chance to get them free really means a lot. Also this app doesn’t need to have a jailbroken device. Simply, this is the easiest and best way to get in touch with experience unlimited premium features and tweaked apps for no cost at all. 

Download now!

In order to use this AppStore, the first thing you need is an iOS operated devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The best experience can be taken with devices from iOS 8 to iOS 13 (latest 2019 version). At the moment no original version is available for other operating systems. 

No need to jailbreak the device. Just follow the steps and get it now!

  1. Open the Safari browser of your device. If you don’t have it, first download the Safari browser for iOS. 
  2. Tap on the given link to download the TopStore using Safari.
  3. You are going to download a third party application to a platform that is very conscious about security. Obviously, it won’t allow you to do it easily. Therefore first there is a change in settings of the device you need to do. 
  4. Go to device settings and then scroll to general. There, go to the device manager in which you have to find the profile of the app and tap on trust option. 
  5. Thereby you can allow the apps developed by unknown developers
  6. Tap on install option twice
  7. Enter the device password and that’s all you need to do. 

Have a look at its features before starting download!



  1. No jailbreaking: most third party applications cannot be operated without jailbreaking the device. But most of the users do not like to do that as that is a threat to device security. No worries with this AppStore as it does not ask you to do that. 
  2. Large inventory: this store is composed of a large number of apps and games so that you could find any app you searched for. 
  3. Free: TopStore can be downloaded and installed for free as same as all the apps included in it. No hidden charges too!
  4. Amazing interface: this is designed with an interesting user interface that is very smooth and easy to use. 
  5. High compatibility: this has a wide range of compatibility to be operated on a range of iOS devices up to the latest iOS 13. 
  6. Devoted team members: there are a set of people who work 24 hours on this store to give you the best experience you need. If you want any new app or game, you can simply request them to add it to the AppStore. Your wish will be granted within a very short period. 
  7. Speed: if you have a good internet connection, this will give you a flawless download with very high speed.

Using the AppStore 

This is composed of three main sections as Popular, Apps, and Games. 

Popular: This content is available on the home screen. You will see a list of recommendations along with many features apps and games for you to download.

Apps: This is the section that all the apps are contained. You can navigate in the subsections as there is a well organized inventory to make browsing easier. Several kinds of apps are included and some are:

  • Movies: all the entertainment related apps are enclosed here with live TV apps. Some of them are Moviebox, Cotomovies etc. 
  • Tweaked: this can be your favorite section as all the modified or tweaked apps are enclosed here. That will include a number of apps like Whatsapp++, Snapchat++, facebook++ etc
  • Paid: This is the section that you can download premium features for free. No need to pay monthly subscriptions. In addition emulators, and many rare apps are also included in this for you. 

Games: all the games are added to this section. You will see two main sections as Tweaked and Paid. As same as in apps, tweaked games contain the modified games that will give you unlimited game coins, free characters and all the other options you always wanted. And the Paid section contains the free gaming apps for you to download free. 

Just navigate and select the one you need. Tap on the ‘get’ option. You will see all the information about your selection within seconds. Go through it and if you are interested, tap on the ‘install’ option to make it yours. 


  1. How to delete it from the device?

The easiest method is, 

  • Go to home and find the icon of the appstore
  • Press and hold it till it wiggles.
  • Tap on the cross 
  • Click on delete. 

But that may won’t work on all the devices. In that case, you can try this method. 

  • Go to settings of the device
  • And then scroll to profiles and device manager 
  • Choose the profile and tap on delete profile
  • Again tap on delete option. 
  1. Is this safe? 

Yes. It is a safe and secure appstore with no threat to your iOS device. 

  1. Why some apps do not work on my device properly?

There can be some compatibility issues. Some apps included in the store are compatible only to the iOS versions above 11. So if you are having a device below iOS 11, some options won’t work on it. 

Something to remember 

Apple is very serious about its security. And this AppStore uses apple programs in a certain manner. Since you don’t jailbreak the device, there is a possibility to revoke the certificates of the app as Apple usually does that and as a result, most of the apps won’t work properly. In order to avoid that, it’s better to have an anti-revoke app before downloading the app on your device. 

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