5 Best plagiarism checkers apps for Android and IOS

Many plagiarism checker apps are used widely to check and verify the copyright content by matching them with several online resources.

Those apps are used by bloggers, content writers, and SEO experts to quickly detect the copied content.

Usage of Plagiarism Checker apps

Those apps are used by:

  • Students: Almost, every student uses copyright detector apps to check their assignments. 

They make sure that their assignments or notes will be plagiarism-free.

  • Teachers: Every teacher uses these apps to check if their students are providing the original quality content or not.

Also, many researchers use those apps to check the copyright content of their thesis or research papers.

  • Writer and Bloggers: Content writers and bloggers have to publish quality content to avoid copyright content.

But, if somehow they published a single copied content, they’ll be responsible for the website failure.

So, every blogger used this type of app to publish effective and quality content.

  • SEO Experts: Every SEO expert or a webmaster have to post quality content on the website.

They use a duplicate content detection app to check the copied content before publishing.

Because a plagiarized post will never get the best ranking in SERPs.

Further in this article, we’ll discuss the five best copyright detector app for smartphones.

5 Best Plagiarism Checkers Apps for Android and iOS 

1. Prepostseo

This copyright detector app scans the complete content and matches it with all the online resources to check duplicate content.

This is a latest release by the Prepostseo and this also provides the desktop/web version for its plagiarism checker, you can use it too by visiting:


The app is widely used for academic purposes by many students, teachers, and researchers.

Most of the SEO experts use this excellent app to publish high-quality and effective content.

How to Use Prepostseo’s Plagiarism Checker App?

To use this excellent app, follow the mentioned below steps:

1.Simply write the text into the input box or upload a file from your smartphone to check plagiarism:

plagiarism checkers apps

2.Upload files from the following formats:

  • Word File
  • PDF File
  • Txt File

upload files

3.Click on the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button to scan and detect the copied content

Working of Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker App:

This perfect app provides 100% accurate results and complete copyright content details.

This free plagiarism checker app shows:

  • The exact percentage of unique content
  • The percentage of exactly matched content
  • Also shows the accurate paraphrased matched content
  • It also shows all the matches sources

You can easily download the app on your smartphones from both:

  • Android 
  • iOS

Features of the Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker App

The benefits of this perfect app are:

  • File Uploading: It stores PDF or Word files while uploading a file into the app
  • Scanning an Image: The interesting feature of this amazing app is to scan a photo from ‘Camera’ or ‘Gallery’.

The app scans the image, detects the text, and checks it for plagiarism.

  • Saving Reports: The reports generated after checking the copied content can be saved in the app.
  • Deep Search: The app deeply searches different online resources to find the copyright content from the file.
  • Secure and Safe: The content uploaded in the app to check the copyright content is 100% safe and secure.
  • Compatibility: This perfect app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

2. Plagiarisma.net

This app is specially designed to scan papers to check the copyright content.

It can be used for the following five search engines:

  • Google 
  • Yahoo
  • Babylon
  • Google Scholar
  • Google Book

five search engines

This interesting app is widely used by students, teachers, and content writers.

Simply paste the text into the input box and click on the check duplicate content:

check duplicate content


  • No Registration: There is no registration is required to check the content
  • File Uploading: The app supports Txt, Doc, Docx, ODT, and more formats to checks the copied content
  • Save Reports: This app allows you to save results in HTML, Doc, and EPUB formats.save as html doc
  • Safe to use: The app is completely safe and secure to check the originality of the document.
  • Compatibility: This plagiarized detector is compatible with android devices.

3. Plagly

The Plagly is one of the best originality checker apps used by several students and SEO professionals.

The app is used to instantly check the document and compares the text to the entire online resources.


  • Check Content Quickly: The app matches the data and quickly generate the copyright content report.

It also checks the grammar mistakes of the content to improve content efficiency.

  • Natural Language Processing: The app checks the plagiarized content to match the original source of text.
  • Reports: This app provides the 100% secure and safe copied text report

4. Skandy

Skandy is one of the finest content detection apps specially designed by coaches, teachers, students, and webmasters.

To check the originality of the content, typed text into the input box or upload a file from a mobile phone:



  • Registration: No registration is required to check the duplicate content
  • File Uploading: The app allows you to upload files from mobile in different formats like PDF, Word, Doc, Doc, and more

You can also upload the file from iCloud as well.

The app provides an excellent feature to check the content through a URL.

  • Image Scanning: This app scans the image and detects the text to check the copied content
  • File Downloading:  You can download the result file on your mobile or can share it with others
  • Email Notify: This perfect app notify you about the checked result through emails.  
  • Compatibility: The app is compatible with android devices.

5. Textovod – Duplicate Content Detection

This excellent app is used to check the originality of the content.

You can check 10 thousand characters for free. And, if you become a registered user, you have the authority to check 15 thousand characters.

Simply paste the text into the input box and click on the uniqueness button:



  • The app shows the total percentage of unique text.
  • This application also shows the similarities and matching content from the online resources
  • Compatibility: The app is compatible with all android devices and required android 4.1 and up
  • Provides useful and secured results
  • Also offers In-App Purchases

Last Words:

We’ve mentioned above the five best plagiarism checker app for android and iOS.

All those apps are used to make content effective, unique, and plagiarism-free.

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